Where Magical Things Happen from Good People Coming Together.

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You've successfully arrived at A KRYSTAL MOON formerly of Huntington Beach, California.

A Krystal Moon as a physical location became more than just another metaphysical / new age store. It was a place where PEOPLE from all belief systems came together to learn from one another and celebrate the magic of this life we've all been given. It is a place where existing faith is strengthened and new paths are found. It has become a place of healing, peace, and harmony. A community of caring and loving hearts and souls.

In 2004, A Krystal Moon closed its physical retail operation. No longer confined to one location has given founders Keith Morrison & Lisa Morrison more time to focus on spiritual growth and to develop a more global community.

Building Community was our original vision and remained our motivation through out our "retail" experience. Our vision of building The Universal Personal Enhancement Center (UPEC) as non-denominational learning center for all faiths grew stronger as the years passed.   As they say, the closing of one door opens the door for to greater opportunity. In this case that saying has never been more true.

 With the support of our friends who shared this vision when A Krystal Moon was a "shop" the ground work was laid.  In January 2005 teachers/instuctors representing many paths and traditions will come together  to share their special teachings via UPEC's virtual classroom World Class Impact.

A Krystal Moon is proud to be actively involved in the Pagan/Wiccan community and the spiritual community as a whole. As with A Krystal Moon the store, our Ezine / Newsletter will provide a connection point of support, tools, and conscious focus, so if you haven't already signed up, be sure you do.

This is the next chapter of A Krystal Moon.  We are all students and as such, there will be many spiritual paths to be explored. Along the way we will find spiritual knowledge & unity as this community grows globally.  

Once after an evening meditation , Lisa (LisaWolf) Morrison's cited "Despite our differences and names that we give our religions, the simple fact is really very simple indeed. We are all joined together by the same common thread to the higher source that truly lives in all of us." That pretty well sums it up.

Write us often and let us know what you want to see included and how we can serve the community.

The future promises many exciting things to come & you won't want to miss out on a single one of them! In fact we encourage you to join in with us and become part of this global community.

In Love Peace & Prosperity,

Keith & Lisa Morrison

A Krystal Moon -"Where magickal things happen from good people coming together!"

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